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      Application and development of calcium carbonate in China's rubber industry
      Date:2017/6/23 14:48:01   author:   visits:

      Application and development of calcium carbonate in China's rubber industry, the varieties and properties of calcium carbonate in China and its application and development in rubber industry are introduced. Divided into calcium carbonate, calcium carbonate, calcium carbonate and active calcium carbonate I mainly refers to the superfine active calcium carbonate (also called nano calcium carbonate) |, widely used in tires, rubber hose, rubber belt, rubber shoes, rubber sealing products, wire and cable, and tape and other rubber products. The use of advanced surface modification methods and the development of many varieties, strong pertinence, excellent performance of the modifier to the nanometer calcium carbonate nanoparticles play a real role, and to expand the application of superfine active calcium carbonate in the tire and color rubber products is the effective way to expand the application of calcium carbonate in the rubber industry the.

      According to the method of processing, calcium carbonate is divided into three major categories: heavy calcium carbonate, light calcium carbonate and activated calcium carbonate. I.I heavy calcium carbonate

      Heavy calcium carbonate is mainly composed of calcite, limestone dry or wet grinding. The development and application of calcium carbonate in the rubber industry in China, also used chalk, shell is made of non-toxic, tasteless, white or pale yellow powder.

      The mass fraction of calcium carbonate in heavy calcium carbonate is 0.90~ 0.97, and the particles are irregular (isotropic). Domestic heavy calcium carbonate fineness is generally divided into 200, 320 and 400 mesh 3 grades, oil absorption value of about 28 mL. (100 g) - relative density of 2 6~ 2.8, whiteness of 74% ~ 78%.

      Heavy calcium carbonate is used mainly as a filler in the rubber industry. It can also be used as a colorant, an isolating agent and a mold release agent. Heavy calcium carbonate and rubber mixing process performance is good, can increase the stiffness of the rubber material, not delayed vulcanization, and low price, suitable for the sole and heel, floor, and hose molding, extrusion and foaming rubber products.

      Calcium carbonate in rubber filled a large amount, such as in NR and NBR wear-resistant hose and high wear-resistant furnace black (HAF) and use, dosage can reach 80 parts; in NR and BR conveyor belt and barium sulfate and use, dosage can reach 50 copies.

      1.2 light calcium carbonate

      Light calcium carbonate and precipitated calcium carbonate, limestone calcination, water by carbon dioxide, white light powder, non-toxic, tasteless.

      The mass fraction of calcium carbonate calcium carbonate was 0. 970~ 0.985, particle shape is a spindle or rod (anisotropy), the average particle size of 0.5~6.0 41^, the oil absorption value is about 55 mL* (100 g) - a relative density of 2. 4~ 2.7, alkaline, insoluble in water, the whiteness is 80% ~ 90%.