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      Properties and characteristics of PE pipe
      Date:2017/6/23 14:56:23   author:   visits:

      1, excellent physical properties

      The imported high quality polyethylene material has good steel, strength, good flexibility and creep resistance, and has the advantages of better fusing and connecting property, and is favorable for the installation of plastic pipes.

      2, corrosion resistance, long service life

      In the coastal area of our country, the underground water level is high, the land use must be high humidity, seamless steel pipe corrosion, and the service life of only 30 years, while the PE pipe can withstand a variety of chemical medium erosion, without preservative treatment. In addition, it will not promote the growth of algae, bacteria or fungi, the normal use of spare parts, the service life of up to 50 years.

      3, toughness and immunity are good

      PE pipe is a high toughness pipe, the breaking elongation rate of more than 500%, the uneven settlement of foundation and dislocation adaptation ability is very strong, good shock resistance, therefore, the most suitable for the application of seismic risk area, practice around the world that is the best proof of PE pipe.

      In addition, the disturbance of the PE PE can coil (especially small diameter PE pipe), reducing the amount of connecting pipe. PE pipe in accordance with the requirements of construction are easy to change. During construction, the obstacles can be bypassed within the allowable bend radius of the pipe and the construction difficulty can be reduced.

      4 、 good circulation ability and economic efficiency

      PE pipe wall is smooth, no scaling. The inner surface is the ratio of absolute roughness of steel 1/20, same diameter and length, under the same pressure PE pipe flow is about 30% larger than the steel pipe, so the economic advantage is obvious.

      Compared with metal pipe, PE pipeline can reduce project investment about 1/3 (diameter 200 mm or more, big pipe cost is slightly higher). The small caliber pipe can be rolled to further reduce the cost of the project.

      5. Convenient connection, convenient construction and various methods

      PE pipe diameter, easy handling, less welding. Use disk laying when the pipeline is long (generally refers to a diameter less than 63 mm) than steel low PE requirements. In addition, the method of pipe sinking can be laid at the bottom of the water, which greatly reduces the difficulty and cost of construction.

      6, good sealing

      PE pipe itself using hot melt connection, essentially guarantee the material interface structure and unity of the body itself, to achieve the integration of joint and pipe. The tensile strength of the interface is higher than that of the tube body, which can effectively resist the hoop stress and the axial stress produced by the internal pressure. Therefore, there is no leakage risk associated with distortion of the joint, as compared with the rubber ring joint or other mechanical joints, and the sealing performance is very good.

      7 、 convenient maintenance, without water supply, gas maintenance and installation

      8 、 good resistance to stress and cracking

      PE has lower notch sensitivity, high shear strength and excellent anti mark ability, resistance to environmental stress is very outstanding.

      9, low temperature, good impact resistance

      Polyethylene has a low temperature brittleness and can be used safely in -20-40 temperature range. In winter construction, because the material has good impact resistance, it will not crack brittle pipe.

      10, good wear resistance

      The abrasion resistance test of PE pipe and steel tube shows that the wear resistance of PE pipe is 4 times of that of steel tube.

      11, the flow resistance is small

      PE pipe has a smooth inner surface. The smooth surface and non adhesion characteristics ensure that the PE pipeline has higher conveying capacity than the traditional pipe, and also reduces the energy consumption of the water supply under the pressure loss of the pipeline.

      12, a variety of new construction methods

      PE pipe has a variety of construction technology, in addition to using the traditional excavation method of construction, but also the use of trenchless technology such as: new pipe, directional drilling, pipe liner, etc. for construction, the excavation is not allowed in some places, is the only choice, so the application of PE pipe widely.