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      Welcome to Laiwu Sun International Trade Co.,Ltd Website!

      Laiwu Sun International Trade Co.,Ltd
      Laiwu Sun International Trade Co.,Ltd
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      Add:No.9 Xiangshan Road Higt-Tech District Laiwu City Shandong China.

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      Laiwu Sun International Trade Co.,Ltd
      Date:2017/6/23 15:03:01   author:   visits:

               Laiwu Sun International Trade Co.,Ltd on the line!

               Laiwu Sun International Trade Co.,Ltd , is the production and sale of chemical, textile, plastics, and agricultural products such as solder products of high-tech enterprises, headquarters and R & D base set up in the beautiful scenery of the Laiwu. The company has strong technical and R & D capabilities and enjoys a high status among consumers. The company has established long-term and stable cooperative relationships with several retailers and agents.

              Company since its inception, always adhere to the talent oriented business principles and sincerity, meta industry elite, will be the actual foreign advanced information technology, management methods and experience of enterprises and domestic enterprises combine to provide a full range of solutions for enterprises, help enterprises to improve the management level and production capacity, make the enterprise in the fierce competition in the market to remain competitive, enterprises realize the rapid and steady development.

                  Over the years, the company uphold the rich heritage, with a complete industrial chain, industrial technology and industrial atmosphere strong advantage, founded at the beginning of that gather a high quality, technical quality, professional personnel, the company spirit of "quality of survival, to the credibility and development" business purposes, integration and absorb the social resources, adhere to the high-tech lead in research and development in the market, adhere to a high starting point development, adhere to the efficient support in the management, to occupy the highest point of technical responsibility, cordial quality, high standard and high end leap forward, gradually adapt to the market from the market leading into the fast track of development, provide products the best quality and warm and thoughtful service to our customers at home and abroad.

              Dili climb, walking arm in arm.  Laiwu Sun International Trade Co.,Ltd. is willing to work with the vast number of enterprises seeking growth and development of insight together to achieve a better vision.